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Greetings from the Nucleo of Cornucopia...

To celebrate the New Year and improve communications, we have decided to send you a copy of the Nucleo newsletter that we publish each month in Damanhur's daily newspaper QDq. You will find the Italian version with photos as a pdf file. It would be great if you too would send us news of how you are getting on so that we can all feel closer as a family in 2006.
With love to you,
Con te

The festive season began well at Cornucopia on the 24th of December with dinner for all the family, (dressed elegantly of course!) our guest Roger and Paul of the 100 Citizens Project, who has asked to join our family.
There were surprises and presents for everyone. Cooper received a desk and chair with wheels to inaugurate his year of transition to High School. Presents chosen at random for everyone by the children produced much laughter, especially those for Pooka: He received pink socks and a brown top!Festivities continued with the birthday of Pellicano for which I produced the third example of the Cornucopia cake (See Qdf for recipe) and a lemon cake for the birthday of Ghepardo. Soon we shall celebrate the birthday of our beautiful Arianna, who will be 18 years old.
Roger also entered into the festive spirit and last week organized a party for everyone at Casa Aurora with pizza, dancing in the beautiful upstairs studio and a film show in the cinema room.In between all the parties however we did not forget our work on the territory. We have organized the greenhouse, insulated the wooden house and chopped an enormous quantity of wood to feed our hungry wood-burning stove.There has also been a lot of movement on a personal level. Spugna has become co-head of the Game of Life. Astice has decided to concentrate his work in Piemonte and no longer travel throughout Italy. He is establishing a therapy centre in Damanhur and consequently we shall be seeing many famous sports personalities arriving to be treated with the Tecar. Ghepardo will no longer work with the 44th Meditation group but be the instructor for the groups of the Oderzo and Modena Centres.Arianna went off to Sardinia to visit Atena and explore the island for a week.Micael tasted his first solid food, pureed apple: finally after monothematic months of just milk, a new taste to discover…. the steak will eventually arrive Micael…. we promise! Uistiti has made a precious contribution to our diet lately thanks to her dried tomatoes in oil with herbs and peppers…a recipe she learnt in Puglia during the summer, marvellous eaten on bread!But this edition ends on a sad note…we bid a fond farewell to the only English car of the Valchiusella after its eight years in exile in Italy. Everyone who has practised lateral thinking as a passenger in the car over the years can send a message to the paradise of old Fiats for the death of Orata’s Punto. Now she will be driving on the left like everyone else (watch out!)… a great blow to diversity…sob…sob!

In Italian from Damanhur Newspaper January 2006

A big hello from is this month's family news.
I have included a pdf file of the Italian version with photos as published in QDq
Please write and tell us how you are getting on ....

February News
Lots of movement this month in the growth of the group, in spite of the snow and related training for the Olympic downhill! (We were cut off by the heavy snowfall and had to go down the hill on foot)
We have two new entries into the family, Paul of 100 Citizens and Tapiro Acero both of whom will take up residence in the Cornucopia Camping caravans. We are still working hard on our level of organization, efficiency and professionalism to arrive at Nucleo-Community status. And as we are a family who get on well together and enjoy working, celebrating and being together, we have decided to offer a hospitality service for guests who arrive in Damanhur and do not know how to contact us socially, at a heart level, in our daily life, and as families. We have made ourselves available to organize lunch or supper for guests with Nucleos, to give them an opportunity to get to know Damanhurians informally. In this way, guests will be able to understand Damanhur better and be able to experience first hand the comradeship and solidarity that we express… many guests are in fact searching for this. Loneliness is one of the most serious afflictions of our time and we would like to offer guests the opportunity of experiencing our alternative way of living. This will be our function for Damanhur. We will make ourselves available to host visitors and when we cannot, we will ask other Nucleos to help us with this very essential work. Any Nucleos who are interested should contact Pellicano.
Our first experience in our new role two weeks ago was to offer supper to two Americans who were visiting for three days but in the evening only had the snow for company. It was a great success and our guests wrote some very lovely comments in the guest book that we prepared specially. This week we have also hosted Marioljin, already a friend of the family who often visits with her violin to play Celtic ‘jam sessions’. This time she taught us all to dance! An evening of bagna cauda (traditional Piemontese dish of garlic and anchovies) in honour of Cormorano, Ramarra and Neftj was thus enriched by her beautiful music.
Our internal organization has also taken a great leap forward, thanks to Spugna inspired by Casa del Lago, with a re-cycling cupboard bought in Rivarolo which takes the separation of rubbish to a luxury level.
This month Micael has started to attend the nursery school and has made great improvements with the help of the other children and the new stimuli they provide. He can now sit up on his own and has begun to pick up objects.
And as always we have not lacked celebrations: at the beginning of the month Astice celebrated his birthday and more recently Bombo who shared one of Salmone’s enormous meringue gateaux with everyone…really fantastic!


In Italian from Damanhur Newspaper February 2006