A Project to develop a
Bioregional Intentional Community, 
a Rural Cohousing Development...

Jefferson County is shaped like a dragon.

The following is our original dream for this land as we saw it in 1991.  There have been various changes since that time.  It is important to read the Updates so you don't think something is happening which is not happening!  We still envision community on this land, but the form and timing has changed....and we still are seeking others to make it happen. As I update this site, early in 2008, I am amazed that it has been almost 20 years since we first saw this beautiful land. Perhaps we are Cultural Creatives and were before our time ... perhaps this is the time for others to find value in what we envisioned and choose to participate.

The Land and Development

Building intentional community

amidst the greater community in Jefferson County, a community of many ecologically sensitive, creativity supporting people, on 39 acres, 17 miles south of Pt. Townsend; 30 miles and a ferry NW of Seattle. We envision land owned in common with private ownership of home and home site. By clustering houses we can protect the natural character of this land while creating affordable housing. We prefer environmentally sensitive, ecologically sustainable building materials and design.

Description of the Site

The site is in a valley on the main road from Seattle to Pt. Townsend in beautiful Jefferson County within the rain shadow of the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula. The land has a variety of ecosystems, about half forest, some of which are wetlands, a quarter pasture or meadow on glacial moraine, and a quarter pasture on wetter bottom land. There are two creeks and two ponds. There is a spacious cedar home and an older double-wide mobile home on the opposite side of the property. Other buildings include a two-story garage and a two-story workshop. The upper story in both buildings have been insulated and dry-walled. We plan building a large shop/storage/barn. We potentially have a community kitchen to serve the rental spaces or temporary visitors and wonderful outdoor shower and tubs. We have some pictures we can show you.  This one was taken from an airplane in the early 90's.

Financial responsibility:

Maintain financial integrity and responsibility for project; committed to ecological and sustainable commerce and building; committed to value of sharing while recognizing private ownership. Shared cost based on current land value plus development costs.

Physical responsibility for the project:

We would prefer that the land be developed by the people who intend to live here as described in Cohousing models. By working together cooperatively to make decisions, we can create a close community of neighbors. We would expect all community members to participate in land stewardship and in community gardens (members with more financial energy may trade with members with more physical energy); if participating in market gardens- equitable share of: work, ownership of greenhouses, barns, workshops, equipment, etc. Community members/owners may have space for renters.

Our Dreams and Values

Sustainable organic agriculture:

A goal is Bio-dynamic agriculture with the farm seen as an integrated closed system recognizing the interrelationship of energies of plants, animals, minerals, and other subtle forces. Agriculture is seen as a spiritual path. As we learn, teaching others. . . appropriate agriculture-whole foods, locally grown (bioregionalism) , principles from Permaculture, etc. Current agricultural projects include: organic orchard; small fruit culture; gardens/greenhouses for vegetables; beekeeping; dairy goats; poultry for eggs and other small livestock primarily for manure production, pets.

Cottage industries

Another goal is to create the potential of making a living while positively contributing to our community and the world. We are involved with local Farmers' Markets, are creating a septic system business, and have future dreams of a retreat center/Bed & Breakfast , farm/natural food cafe/store and possible "high tech" cottage industries. (See update for Early Spring 2008)

Preference for a natural foods diet

Our focus is conscious eating, a recognition of how dietary choices involve/affect planetary economics and the environment.

Open communication

Other values include

Some background on originators of project

We, Brian and Sanda Everette, purchased and moved onto this land in 1989 with the goal of starting an intentional community and retreat center. We have been on a spiritual/political journey for several decades with many and varying influences, moving from San Diego where we were owners and members of a 10 person urban cooperative. Brian is a machinist and a jack-of-all-trades. He had been working on the property the past four years and was recently certified to install, operate, and maintain on-site Wastewater Treatment. Sanda is a special education teacher (holistic lifestyle educator, body therapist, and continually exploring alternatives. . . this currently includes work out of the area.)

3882 Larson Lake Rd.
Pt. Ludlow, WA 98365,
(360) 732-4855 or dragonbelly at waypoint.com
In California: (650) 574-7155, or sanda at cohousing.org

It is important to read the Updates so you don't think something is happening which is not happening!